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          THC Liquid - joint of the future?

          In the beginning of my long-term Techtelmechtels with probably the most beautiful plant in the world, the typical pothole could actually be divided into two camps: Bong or Joint. But in the last decade, not only have the smartphones in our trouser pocket become smarter than ourselves, but cannabis use has also increased through technical innovation and [...]


            Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome - symptoms, causes and treatment

            Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) can occur as a result of long-term and usually high-dose cannabis use and is characterized mainly by cyclical vomiting and nausea. CHS is a rare, as yet poorly-known disease that was first described to 2004 in a study in southern Australia. Hyperemesis is Greek and means "excessive vomiting". In particular […]

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                WHO holds down results on the reclassification of cannabis

                The eyes of the entire legalization movement and the cannabis industry were now on Vienna, where WHO was to announce the long awaited scientific reassessment of cannabis at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. The WHO assessment is a key factor in the legal classification of cannabis worldwide. 1954 led the classification of cannabis as dangerous [...]


                  Gettin 'High: recipe for juicy cannabis brownies

                  Whether as a souvenir for the next party or for snacking with friends: cannabis brownies taste not only incredibly delicious, but loosen up the mood guaranteed. We'll show you how to easily make the delicious cannabis brownies yourself. We all know her from the numerous coffee shops in Amsterdam, the famous hash brownies. However, those who do not like the little [...]

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                    SPD Plautzen introduces Sachsenplan - cannabis to save the West

                    Freital, Heidenau, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, etc. The Free State of Saxony keeps making headlines with sad news about Nazi marches and many rightly ask themselves why East Germany is so undecided. Especially since the proportion of foreigners with 4,2% is just half as high as the national average. Man [...]