THC Liquid - joint of the future?

        In the beginning of my long-term Techtelmechtels with probably the most beautiful plant in the world, the typical pothole could actually be divided into two camps: Bong or Joint. But in the last decade, not only have the smartphones in our trouser pocket become smarter than ourselves, but cannabis use has also increased through technical innovation and [...]


          The role of CBD in modern medicine

          CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of over one hundred cannabinoids, chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The best known cannabinoid is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol). It has a psychoactive effect and is thus responsible for the state of intoxication. CBD is not psychoactive in contrast to THC, but there is some evidence that [...]


            Why the cannabis ban is unconstitutional

            An initiative of lawyers, search experts and medical professionals agrees: Cannabis should be legalized. To criminalize the use of the drug is not only disproportionate, but also unconstitutional. "The prohibition on cannabis has failed, is counterproductive and harmful to the population," says Prof. Dr. med. Lorenz Böllinger in his contribution to the expert hearing of the Health Committee of the [...]


              Gettin 'High: recipe for juicy cannabis brownies

              Whether as a souvenir for the next party or for snacking with friends: cannabis brownies taste not only incredibly delicious, but loosen up the mood guaranteed. We'll show you how to easily make the delicious cannabis brownies yourself. We all know her from the numerous coffee shops in Amsterdam, the famous hash brownies. However, those who do not like the little [...]


                SPD Plautzen introduces Sachsenplan - cannabis to save the West

                Freital, Heidenau, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, etc. The Free State of Saxony keeps making headlines with sad news about Nazi marches and many rightly ask themselves why East Germany is so undecided. Especially since the proportion of foreigners with 4,2% is just half as high as the national average. Man [...]

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