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In The Morning – ZHU


Barely a day after announcing his North American tour via a prank call to a ticket scalper, ZHU blesses the Internet with a new music video so exciting it may be the one thing to steal the spotlight from Kanye this month. ZHU’s “In The Morning” prolongs the sleek, sexy production style that has earned him worldwide recognition. The music flourishes with signature deep house bass stabs and spacey blip leads, both of which dance around a tireless, ever-evolving drum groove. Vocally, ZHU has only grown stronger; his whispery falsetto soars with an infectious melody. There’s also a subtle Majid Jordan sample tastefully placed towards the end of the song.

Shot on an undisclosed island with mysterious women and unidentified sea creatures, the video takes ZHU’s visual brand out of the black and white and into a neon world (hence the tour name). Don’t expect an EDM-saturated neon scheme, however; ZHU’s expression of color is a unique, vivid flavor that hasn’t been explored until now. This video is packed with intense symbolism and enticing enigmas.


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